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Number of Games

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06/13/2020 - 06/14/2020

4th Annual Texas “LIVE”

$225 - 279



Duncanville Fieldhouse


Boys & Girls

10U - 18U

A, B or C


Location: 1700 S Main Street
Duncanville, TX 75137

Hello Teams, for 2020, Big Time Hoops will host a number of Dallas Basketball Tournaments. The 4th Annual Texas “LIVE” signature event will showcase teams from Texas and neighboring states; tournament has expanded year after year. Event is open to boys & girls ages 9U through 18U with skill level divisions of A, B or C.

Big Time Hoops relies on each team’s assessment to properly place teams in the appropriate pools. This will allow for more competitive games and a high energy atmosphere for players, coaches and spectators.

Skill Level Breakdown:

  • “A” level teams – National Travel will play in multiple championship games.
  • “B” level teams – Team that has won bracket/playoff games at Regional level tournaments/
  • “C” level teams – Parks & Rec experience, maybe a newly formed team

Big Time Hoops has hosted Showcase, Collegiate Combines, One Day Challenges and NCAA Certified tournaments since 2011. As we expand our offerings for 2020, the number of  anticipated teams for the Texas “LIVE event will cap at 72. Please take advantage of Early Bird pricing and register early to ensure a spot.

This is a national qualifier for the Big Time Hoops Championships in Dallas, TX (Jul 18 & 19) or The “M.A.C.” Mid-Atlantic Championships in Boyds, MD (Jun 27 & 28).

Teams that place 1st or 2nd in Gold Division or 1st in Silver Division will receive event pricing of only $179, regular pricing is $299!

Southern Dallas Basketball Tournaments Highlights:

1. Clock stops on whistle
2. Certified Officials
3. Awards to Top Finishers
4. Pool to Bracket play for most divisions
5. Games run on time
6. FREE Player Exposure App & FREE Event App
7. Multi Team Discount – 3 teams (10% off)
8. Concessions on site
9. Clock is managed by BTH